Josabry Playboy FX Demontcalme x Demontcalme Ouenoul Des Marais

Date of Birth: August 1996

Chelsea was a wonderful high drive female. She was very smart and finished her CD title at 10 months of age.

Chelsea had her last litter in the Spring of 2002.    She retired to a young family where she received tons of love and attention. We missed her but she is truly in her glory and we know she was well looked after in her new home, thanks to Wendy, Eric and her special buddies Mallory, Robyn and Joel.

It is with sadness that we update our website of Chelsea’s journey over the rainbow; on February 11, 2008, after a brief illness Chelsea passed away quietly in her sleep, she will be greatly missed by her family and here at MooseLake.

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