Oulsmi Mandolinwind (GB) x Mooselake’s My Girl

Date of Birth: September 12, 2008
Eye Clearances: Annually
Hip/Elbows certification: OVC Normal (certificate number -0042350)

Keeper is a delight and loves to play. She has good bone, moves well and has a great topline and tail set. Nice dark coat of correct type. She loves to please and has been easy to train.

Keeper has retired from the breeding program and will be living with Julien.  Thank you Tom and Beth for giving a great home to these two MooseLake Labradors.

Oulsmi Mandolinwind (chocolate)

SH CH Naiken Kris (JW) black

Hawksmoors Webster (IMP)

AM CH Dickendall Arnold

Hawwksmoors Ravens Flight

Naiken Hickory (Chocolate)

Brandhams Show Stopper (black)

Naiken Dazzling Daisi (chocolate)

Oulsmi Just In Time (black)

Oulsmi Its  Just Me (chocolate)

Mallorn’s Mr Snowbusiness At Boothgate (Imp FIN)

Boothgate Dressed to Thrill (Chocolate)

Flanders Pride Zara (Imp Bel) (black)

Flanders Pride Vivaldi

Brambleridge Top of The Bill (Black)

Mooselake’s My Girl


Can/AM CH Boothgate Chief Producer


Brandlams Show Stopper

Boothgates Kountry Kraft

Brandlams Hot Choise for Oulsmi

Oulsmi Endless Love

Stormley Craftsman at Ludzka

Oulsmi Bold as Brass

Labradale’s Marley at Mooselake (chocolate)

AM CH Borador Willcare Master Copy Am WC

AM CH Willcare’s Masterpiece Am CD, JH, WC

Borador’s Not Bad for Brown

BPISS CH Miron Kaffe Latte at Labradale

Can/AM CH Boothgate Chief Producer

Josabry Moka-Kin